Top ten football stadiums in US

Watching a football match live in a stadium is one of the best moments for any football fan around the globe. For those living in the United states are bit lucky as they are exposed to variety of world class stadiums that are spread in different states. The country brags of having many of the fascinating modern stadiums that vary in capacity and architecture design. Most of the stadiums are used for both NFL and football league games attracting lots of fans. Below are the top ten football stadiums in the United States.

Michigan Stadium

Built in 1927, Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in the United States and the third largest in the World with its official capacity of 109,901 but it can go to an extent of accommodating a crowd of almost 115,000 people...

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Shane Warne’s Charity Poker Tournament

Now into its 7th year as a fundraising event, the annual Shane Warne and Joe Hachem Charity Poker Tournament seems to be going from strength to strength each other. One of the world’s best ever spin bowlers has teamed up with Lebanese Australian professional poker player, Hachem to organize this event and raise significant funds for underprivileged and seriously ill children.


As part of the successful Shane Warne Foundation, the charity poker event helps to “enrich lives of unprivileged children across Australia.” The event raised money through auctions, corporate sponsorship and donations in its previous 6 events. With the duo recently announcing that the 7th installment will be held on October 7 at JJ’s Bar & Grill at Crown Melbourne.

There are a multitude of prizes on offer but...

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Cricket craze and fever

One of the most popular game on earth is cricket. You can easily judge its craze and excitement when any cricket tournament is announced or about to begin. Crazy cricket fans try to schedule their task so that they get free when the cricket match begun and they can enjoy the game with their friends without any tension. Cricket fans want to know complete detail of every run and wicket fallen. They also want to know the overall performance and statistic of their favorite team or player. Cricket is one of the game that provides huge number of statistic.


Maintaining such huge statistic is not an easy task. Experts maintain the statistic of each cricketer and then aggregate them. Cricket statistic for test match, one day match and t20 is recorded separately.

In today’s world we are busy in var...

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Experience the Motor Bike Games in London

We all know that London is known for a lot of great tourist attractions and architectures. It is a very exciting and diverse city that will provide you with a great number of things you can do. London has never failed to excite the hearts and souls of all the wanderers in the world who want to taste the amazing adventures that this great city has to offer. There are thousands of reasons why people should visit London and if you are one of those adventure seeking wanderers, well, experiencing motorbike games in London should be part of your must-do list!


Why you will love joining motorbike games

* Whilst normal motorbike riding gives you excitement and sense of freedom, the rush you would feel when you are engaged in playing motorbike games.

* It allows you to take full power over your veh...

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Experience the Motor Bike Games in UK


Motor bike riding is a breath taking activity that anyone would love to experience. The mixture of risk and fun is all that make many people want to experience the motor bike games in UK. It is actually fun and gives you the feeling of a hero while on the road. However, you need to be good with the riding coz this is two wheels and all the balancing actually depends on you.

Riding skills and License

Mastering the riding skills is the first and compulsory thing for you to enjoy these games. It is good to state here that anybody can learn to ride a motor bike. All you need to do is to book your driving test and work with a well-qualified instructor who is friendly and understanding...

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Truth Behind Football Travel

There are some feels what peoples usually wish for to do and also many what they don’t, but from such causes they are forced to do. It is just a way of existing. But all of you will agree that it’s only little thinks on the planet that all the peoples are wagering to, any time everywhere. One of them is Holiday tour. Travelling for fun and rest, does not matter of the destination, cause in current days, travelling guide sites offer answers within a minute.

Just because we are here to create a virtual tour travelling to approach the minute of satisfaction on the journey of all who stay this site. Travelogue and virtual or real stories are from ancient day. Try to remember the “Around the world in 80 days”, the well-known book of Jules Verne...

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Everything you need to know about the willow grading of cricket bats

unnamedIf you enjoy the sport of cricket you will know that there is no purchase more important than your cricket bat. There are so many cricket bats on the market nowadays and you need to effectively find the right one for you. If you simply purchase the cheapest one you discover your game will definitely suffer as a result. So, what do you need to take into account? Everything from grip and weight, to handle and design! Nonetheless, one important factor you must carefully assess is the material of the bat. This post provides you with all of the information you need to know. Keep on reading to find out more…

If you take a look on the Internet you will see that most bats are made from willow...

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Dhoni one of India’s top 3 players of all time

He does not have the “grace” of a Sachin Tendulkar nor the “silky soft hands” behind stumps like Syed Kirmani but Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire as one of India’s top three players of all time, feels former Australian cricketer Dean Jones.

“If I asked you who were the top three Indian cricketers of all time, would you have M.S. Dhoni among them? Well, if you don’t, you will by the time he retires,” Jones wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The recent retirements of Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and V.V.S. Laxman have allowed Dhoni the opportunity to bat higher and show us all that his batting alone can match some of the greats. Sure he hasn’t made the runs yet, but after his epic 224 in Chennai, he has gained even more respect from the hardcore Indian fans,” he explained.

“Dhoni is an ...

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Be an online motorbike stunt rider

Bike Mania, Dare Devil, Stunt Rider, Risky Rider, how do these names sound? Do you get excited by reading these names? Do you get a feeling of cut throat competition? Or do you start imagining yourself as one of the toughest stunt man? If yes is your reply, then welcome to the online world of deadliest online motorbike games.  You can pick any amongst thousands of games resembling these adventurous names and have a platform to perform high level motorbike stunts.

You can choose the costliest bike, the riskiest path and perform the deadly stunts at no cost. Your money and your life both will be safe as you will be logged on to the virtual world of online motor bike games...

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KKR Gloriously won IPL 2012

Thousands of spectators in the stadium witnessed a stupendous IPL finale as it happened between CSK and KKR at Chepauk. With KKR finally winning the IPL title in a splendid way, the IPL 2012 came to an end.  It was not an easy journey for KKR as they lost few of the initial matches. The first match of KKR was played with Delhi Daredevils in which DD won by 8 wickets. On April 8 in another match with Rajasthan Royals, KKR lost the game by 22 runs. The first victory for the team in IPL 2012 came against the match which they played with Royal Challengers Bangalore. Going through the ups and downs, KKR booked a place in the final.

The win in the final was combine efforts of team but the real champion title of the win is deserved by Manvinder Singh Bisla and Jacques Kallis...

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